Shadowbanned: Part 1

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Codey Steele
Joanna Angel
Alt Emo Pornstars Punk Tattoo

Regina Joanna Angel is excited to be moving into a new house with her two best friends, Cady Rocky Emerson and Gretchen Maddy May. They cant wait to get started on all the amazing social media content that they plan to produce at the house. As they get settled, Regina tells the girls a story about the houses previous resident, Jamie Jane, an adult film actress and social media star who mysteriously fell off the online map without any explanation. Regina then goes to her room to get started on some selfies. As she sets up to take the pics, she notices a mysterious figure creeping around behind a curtain in her room. She pulls back the curtain, realizing it is Zacky Codey Steele, a social media admin. Regina is surprised to see him, and he excitedly tells her that she promised they would hang out once he got her account verified, which he did. But Regina wont be happy until Zacky gets Gretchens account banned, since Gretchen is her main competition. Looking at Regina lustfully, Zacky will do anything to have her. He quickly does what Regina wants, getting Gretchen banned. Regina grins triumphantly. Now that shes gotten what she wants, shes about to give Zacky what HE wa

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