Fine Print, Scene 01

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Scarlet Skies
Tiffany Watson
Lesbians Massage Pornstars

Scarlet Skies snoops in her parents room, looking for some money to use to go to the mall. She doesnt find any money in a purse but DOES notice something else in there that piques her interest. Nestled within the purse is a coupon for a free massage. After some debate with herself, Scarlet decides to use the coupon since its only going to expire soon, anyway!A little later, Scarlet arrives at the massage parlor. She is greeted by Tiffany Watson, a cheerful masseuse who leads her away to a private massage room. Once in the massage room, Scarlet is surprised when Tiffany asks her to take off all her clothes, including her undergarments! Although Scarlet is a bit hesitant, she goes with the flow. After all, if her parent has gotten the massage, it must just be how its done.Tiffany massages Scarlet, running her hands slowly all over Scarlets body. The massage then gradually starts to become a bit more sensual... and it isnt until Tiffany starts massaging her breasts that Scarlet realizes that the coupon is for an EROTIC massage. It seems she shouldve read the fine print! But now that shes there, she may as well see it through and enjoy it to the fullest.

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