Who Says I ONLY Like Girls!, Scene 01

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Adira Allure
Lucas Frost
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A man, Lucas Frost, arrives on a doorstep for whats supposed to be a dinner with his lesbian boss and her wife, secretly hoping for a promotion. The wife, Adira Allure, answers the door and lets him in, awkwardly explaining that the boss got called in for yet ANOTHER work emergency and should be back in a couple of hours. In the meantime, Adira has to entertain him and she apologizes for the trouble. Lucas is a bit taken aback but is determined to see this through mostly because hes hoping to stay on his bosss good side. Hes understanding and quite gentlemanly as he offers to help Adira with dinner in the meantime. But as they get to know each other, they quickly bond. Adira is thankful for his help and company, commenting that he is way more attentive than her wife... The more Adira opens up, the more Lucas realizes how unhappy she is. It seems as though his boss just doesnt make the time for Adira anymore, and his heart goes out to her. He even learns that Adira is a masseuse, which hed never heard his boss mention, though this doesnt surprise Adira. Thats when hes offered a massage to help pass the time. Although hes nervous, he eventually agrees to the massage since

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