Tantric Training, Scene 01

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Aila Donovan
Jane Wilde
Maya Woulfe
Lesbians Massage Pornstars

Jane Wilde and Maya Woulfe, two masseuses, are starting to get a bit worried. Another masseuse, Aila Donovan, is running late, which isnt like her at all! What if something bad happened!! Luckily, they dont have to wait long as Aila arrives, apologizing for the tardiness. She just got back from a weekend seminar, where shes learned some new tantric massage techniques she wants to share... Although Jane is game for trying the new techniques, knowing itd be great for business, Maya is a little unsure because of the erotic nature. To help ease Maya into it, Jane happily offers to be massaged first so that Maya can see how everything works. Of course, as soon as Jane strips down and Aila starts working her magic fingers to show them what shes learned, Maya immediately becomes flustered. Its just so much more SENSUAL than she was expecting, even though thats the whole point! The longer Aila massages Jane, rubbing her beautiful body all over and drawing out quiet moans, the hotter Maya gets. Aila catches this and slyly insists that Maya take her turn applying the techniques as well -- with her guidance, of course. Although Mayas hesitant at first, as soon as she begins working fo

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