Measured To Fit, Scene 01

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Jane Wilde
Maya Woulfe
Lesbians Pornstars

Two teens, Jane Wilde and Maya Woulfe, are trying on their new school uniforms. Maya complains that hers is too big. Since Jane has some experience sewing, she offers to fix it for her friend. Jane takes out a measuring tape and measures Mayas charming little waist, then asks Maya to bend over so she can get an accurate measurement of Mayas nice butt! Next, its time for Jane to take Mayas top measurements, but wait, surely the results will be more accurate if Maya takes her shirt off, right! Maya is a little shy but eventually agrees. She gets down to her bra, and whoops, her matching panties are also visible! When Jane gets a look at Mayas body, she becomes immediately lusty, but tries to hide it as she measures her. Eventually, Jane cant resist her lusty feelings anymore and makes excuses for Maya to take off more of her clothes, and even asks to touch Mayas breasts... all in the name of accuracy, of course. Maya catches on to what Jane is doing, but is receptive to her advances. Soon Janes clothes come off as well, and then its time for some fun kissing and lots of sexy touching. After all, who cares about clothes when these two beauties are a perfect fit for each other

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