Trying Moms Special Workout

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Chloe Cherry
Kenzie Reeves
Lesbians Pornstars

Two step-sisters, Kenzie Reeves and Chloe Cherry, are hanging out in the living room, getting settled on the couch. They are cheerful and happy to be around each other and are about to watch a movie on Chloes moms laptop. They curl up on the couch together, browsing the laptop. After a moment, they accidentally find a workout video on the laptop and decide to do that instead of watching a movie. The girls play the video and start by following some of the stretching exercises, watching along and mimicking the poses in the video playing on their screen. They giggle and have fun limbering up, being completely innocent the whole time. They then do some of the exercises, which are still pretty innocent. They are really getting into it and enjoying it, poking fun at each other sometimes. Before long, the video starts to get sexier, which throws the girls off at first, but they keep doing the workout. But much to their surprise, the video eventually shows the workout turning into sex between the instructors. The girls are stunned at first, looking at each other curiously. But they both slowly look back towards the laptop, where the sex is heating up. After a moment or two of staring, th

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