Future Darkly: Pandemic - Anna and Alex

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Lola Fae
Lucky Fae
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Safety is not a gadget but a state of mind. Eleanor Everet ANNA AND ALEX SCENE OPENS on Anna Lola Fae. She is exercising while listening to a podcast. It looks routine and shes low-energy. Meanwhile, Alex Lucky Fae is on his laptop doing remote work. He looks bored. In the background, there is a digital picture frame automatically scrolling through pictures of Alex and Anna on lots of adventures. Its clear theyre a couple, that they once enjoyed the great outdoors, and are in love. As Anna continues to listen to the podcast, she hears an announcement that the self-isolation restrictions have been lifted for her county. People can now see each other again, although they must still be responsible. Anna is in a state of shock for a few moments but then becomes very excited. When Alex hears the news he is shocked, then hurriedly messages a coworker that hes going on lunch break. CUT TO TITLE Outside Annas house a short while later, Alex hurries to the front door, wearing head-to-toe protective gear, including a full-body suit. He anxiously knocks on the door. Anna answers, also in full protective gear. They both exclaim that they are so happy to finally be together after all

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