Youre Both Acting Stubborn, Scene 01

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Amari Anne
Avery Black
Petra Blair
Lesbians Massage Pornstars

Two wives, Amari Anne and Avery Black, enter a massage parlor but dont look to be in a good mood. Avery presents a gift certificate to the masseuse, Petra Blair, saying that theyre there for a couples massage. However, when Petra looks it over, she insists that its only for a SINGLEs massage. This seems to be the last straw as Amari complains about Avery never paying attention. Its clear they have a lot of tension between them as they stubbornly bicker right in front of Petra, obviously not caring about the show theyre putting on. In order to stop the bickering, Petra suggests that she gives them BOTH a massage herself, though theyll be stretched a bit thin since she has to divide her attention between them. Although Avery and Petra dont even WANT a massage now, they begrudgingly take Petra up on her offer. Petra brings them both into the private room and moves between both, trying to work out all the tension with her skilled hands. Slowly and surely, the wives start relaxing, although theyre too stubborn to admit that they like the massage. Its amusing to Petra, although she doesnt like seeing the wives upset with each other. She insists that theyre both really being

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