Pretty Please, Sis!!!, Scene 01

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Indica Monroe
Sera Ryder
Lesbians Pornstars

Indica Monroe is relaxing when her stepsister, Sera Ryder, excitedly bounds into her bedroom. Seras on the phone with a radio station and needs Indicas help answering a question related to their favorite band. When Indica offers the correct answer, theyre thrilled because that means theyve won tickets to a concert, which theyll go to together! Unfortunately, their hopes and dreams are dashed when they learn that theyre only getting ONE ticket to the concert... After Sera hangs up the phone, the stepsisters get in an argument over who should get the concert ticket. Of course, with neither of them budging on the matter, they start trying to suck up to each other. Indica tries offering to do all of Seras chores for a week, even offering to give her her own allowance for a whole year, but Seras still not convinced. Finally, Indica gets an idea as she begins coming onto Sera, pointing out that she knows Sera has the hots for her. Maybe she can give Sera what she REALLY wants! Even so, will THIS be enough to finally win Sera over!!

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