Bad Reviews, Scene 01

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Lily Glee
Mark Zane
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Masseuse Lily Glee is at the reception desk on her laptop when her boss Mark Zane walks up to her. He seems very serious and tells her that hes going to have to fire her because shes been receiving customer complaints. Lily, in disbelief and in denial about her shortcomings, resolves to give Mark a massage to prove that she has what it takes. He agrees. In the shower area, Lily helps Mark undress but accidentally pops a button off his shirt, and when they hop into the shower, Lily accidentally turns the water on too hot, getting soap suds in Marks eyes. Mark is thoroughly unimpressed with the massages rocky start. In the massage room, Lily begins to massage Mark. He is shocked to realize that she doesnt use oil. She tries to compensate and put oil on him but pours too much. When she desperately body slides to spread the oil, hes surprised that the massage is actually good. Mark is enjoying the body sliding, but as the massage winds down, he gets another surprise: Lily doesnt do happy endings, which the parlor offers. Realizing this explains much of the complaints shes received, she agrees to give a happy ending. Looks like bad reviews will be a thing of the past for Lily!

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