I Cant Lose This Job, Scene 01

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Isiah Maxwell
Kyler Quinn
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Kyler Quinn is tidying up when theres a knock on the door. She knows its her next client, so she calls for them to come in while straightening up and smiling. Isiah Maxwell steps into the room. Kyler is shocked and confused, laughing a little with disbelief. She recognizes Isiah as one of her clients from her babysitting job. She thinks its a mistake that shes massaging him, though Isiah insists that its intentional. Isiah reveals that he lusts for Kyler and wants to be massaged by her. Kyler hesitates, insisting that it just feels inappropriate, thats all. ESPECIALLY for the type of massage he ordered... Isiah insists that he knows exactly what kind of massage he ordered and that he specifically wanted one from HER. Kyler is startled. What! Youre 19, a grown woman... A BEAUTIFUL woman... Who WOULDNT want to get a massage from you! Isiah asks. Kyler is still hesitant because she doesnt want to mix clients but he threatens her masseuse job, so she agrees. Kyler massages Isiah, who becomes more aroused. He wants a happy ending and threatens her babysitting job if she doesnt, so she reluctantly agrees, grasping his cock with both hands and jerking him off. Just because Ky

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