Evil Tiki Babes Episode 2

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Joanna Angel
Small Hands
Vanessa Sky
Alt Emo Pornstars Punk Tattoo

Evil tiki babe Joanna Angel has gotten the drop on Aaron Small Hands and Emma Hix, tying them up and demanding to know why theyre investigating her and her bar, the Cannibal Cult. But Aarons confused. Hes no cop, hes a blogger who writes about secret bars. In fact, one post from him could put Cannibal Cult on the map. Joannas furious. The last place she wants her bar to be is ON THE MAP, since the Cannibal Cults really just a front for all sorts of shady shenanigans. Wondering whether or not she believes Aaron, Joanna threatens to eat Aaron and Emma for dinner unless he fucks her and Vanessa, since thats the only way to REALLY prove that hes not a cop. Having sex with two gorgeous women at the same time is never an easy task, but Aaron will do whatever it takes to save his beloved Emma. So, as Emma is carted off to another room, Aaron gallantly allows Joanna and Vanessa to suck his cock. No one said being a hero was easy!

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