Living Vicariously, Scene 01

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Jane Wilde
Natalie Knight
Nathan Bronson
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LIVING VICARIOUSLY Stalker Makes Two Scared Friends Fuck For Her Twisted EnjoymentSCENE OPENS to an extended shot of Becky Natalie Knight alone and quickly walking down a street. Her posture is tense, her expression anxious. She tries to stare straight ahead but sometimes looks over her shoulder. She is clearly paranoid that she is being followed but we dont see anyone. Her pace quickens as she walks down a pathway and nears her house. Her fear gets the best of her and she breaks out into a panicked jog up to the doorway. She frantically digs through her purse for the house keys. She drops them, swearing to herself, but quickly grabs them and unlocks the door. She rushes inside and shuts the door behind her. Becky locks the door behind her and is relieved. Although she hesitates, she looks out the window. Becky yelps in fear, backing away from the window. Standing motionless on the street, Gwen Jane Wilde stands, staring at Becky. CUT TO TITLEThe next day, Becky invites her friend Mitchell Nathan Bronson into her house and explains that Gwen a former girlfriend of Beckys ex is stalking her. She wants him to keep her company and safe, which Mitchell agrees to. Later that n

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