Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace, Scene 01

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Bella Rolland
Jessy Jones
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SPEAK NOW OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE Bride-To-Be Confronted By Brother Of Groom Who Seeks PaybackNatasha Bella Rolland is in the passenger seat of a car being driven by Jay Jessy Jones. Natasha is wearing a wedding gown and looking excited but nervous. Jay is wearing a suit and looks a bit tense, gripping the steering wheel a bit tight. Jay, her fiances brother, is driving Natasha back to her house since she needs to pick up her grandmothers necklace for the wedding. Jay soon pulls up to the house. Natasha tells Jay to keep the car running since shell only be a minute, then climbs out of the car and hurries to the house as best she can in her gown. As Natasha goes into the house, Jay sees that she accidentally left her phone behind in the car. When her fiance calls, Jay declines the call, something snapping in him. He steps out of the car to follow Natasha. TITLE PLATEIn the house, Natasha is retrieving her grandmothers necklace when shes startled by Jay showing up behind her. Jay helps put on Natashas necklace, revealing that they were once boyfriend and girlfriend before Natasha got with Jays brother. The whole act of him putting on the necklace seems increasingly poss

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