The Customers Always Right, Scene 01

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Osa Lovely
Tommy Pistol
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THE CUSTOMERS ALWAYS RIGHT Aggressive Client Demands Rough Sex From Scared RealtorSCENE OPENS on real estate agent Maureen Osa Lovely showing a wealthy prospective buyer named John Tommy Pistol around a house that she is selling. She leads him into the living room, talking about the various features of the house, such as the crown moldings, the natural light, and the brand-new tiling. Johns eyes light up. He seems to love everything about the house. CUT TO TITLEJohn mentions that hes interested in a soundproof room, since it would allow his son to play the drums. Maureen tells him that there is a room she can show him that may suit his needs. Maureen shows him the room but is shocked when she is left in the room alone with the door apparently locked from the outside. Panicking, she screams and pounds on the door but no one answers. John finally opens the door, explaining that he must have locked it by accident and couldnt hear her screams. Maureen is becoming increasingly suspicious and attempts to end the showing, but John threatens to walk away from the sale unless Maureen does what he wants. Desperate to make the sale, she agrees. The customers always right, after all..

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