Compromised Principles, Scene 01

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Bridgette B
Brooklyn Gray
Derrick Pierce
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COMPROMISED PRINCIPLES School Principal Uses Reluctant Teacher To Lure Student Into Sex TrapSCENE OPENS on a school principal, Principal Vaughn Bridgette B. She sits at her desk, leafing through a stack of papers. She looks up and we see one of her teachers, Mr. ONeil Derrick Pierce standing at the doorway of the office. Vaughn says shes called ONeil there because she has a task for him. I... Um, Im sorry, but, what do you mean, exactly! ONeil asks. Vaughn grins maliciously. I WANT Rebecca Taylor, Mr. ONeil, and unless you want me to expose your little secret... YOU are going to get her for me. CUT TO TITLEONeil is extremely reluctant but, afraid of whatever dirt Vaughn has on him being exposed, he ultimately agrees. Later that day, ONeil brings 18-year-old student Rebecca Brooklyn Gray to Vaughns office. Feeling that hes done what was asked of him, ONeil tries to leave, but Vaughn makes him stay. Even though Rebecca is initially reluctant, Vaughn threatens to mess up her college admissions and she ultimately agrees to do what Vaughn wants, as does ONeil. Principal Vaughn smiles with cold satisfaction, demanding that ONeil take Rebeccas clothes off. Resigne

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