Research For My Book, Scene 01

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Georgia Jones
Sofi Ryan
Lesbians Massage Pornstars

Georgia Jones and Sofi Ryan, two friends, are catching up after life kept them apart awhile. Georgia reveals that she doesnt only want to catch up with Sofi but pick her brain a little, too. Georgia is a writer who is stuck on a chapter and in need of Sofis life experience to get her past this writers block. You see, Sofi is a masseuse and it just so happens that the chapter Georgias stuck on involves characters getting a massage! Sofi is more than happy to help as she gets Georgia to lay down. When Georgia insists that she should be naked to really nail the details of the massage, Sofi easily goes along with it. Georgia strips down, secretly excited to soon have Sofis hands against her bare skin. But it isnt long before Georgia insists on giving Sofi a massage, too -- purely for the book, of course! Sofi, eager to help Georgia, strips down and coaches Georgia on massage techniques. It isnt much longer before Georgia finally admits that she doesnt know exactly how to end the chapter. For example, should the characters be HAPPY...! Its only then that Sofi catches the innuendo and finally puts it all together -- Georgias writing erotica! Although Georgias embarrassed, she

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