Product Testing, Scene 01

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Kit Mercer
Stirling Cooper
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Kit Mercer is waiting in an examination room. She seems a little nervous. Dr. Stirling Cooper enters, thanking her for being so patient. He tells her that now that she has signed all the necessary documents, he can explain what product shell be testing as part of the clinical trial that she signed up for, adding that shes the FIRST person who will ever be trying the product. She listens expectantly as he tells her that shell be testing out a new oil, an oil thats designed as a libido enhancer. It is in the form of an oil so that it can be absorbed in the pores. He tells Kit he would like to record her bodys reaction to the stimulus to see if her libido increases at all. Kit is shy, but Dr. Cooper reassures her that the trial is completely professional. Dr. Cooper puts rubber gloves on and applies some of the oil to Kits neck and she immediately becomes super horny. She starts to breathe heavily and looks at Dr. Cooper lustily, biting her lip. Becoming increasingly horny, Kit opens her shirt and places Dr. Coopers hands on her bare breasts, applying more oil to her. Kit grabs him and kisses him hard on the mouth, his eyes going comically wide in shock. He tries to pull away b

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