Made To Serve, Scene 01

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Aryana Amatista
Stirling Cooper
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MADE TO SERVE Desperate Maid Submits To Sadistic Bosss Every Sexual DesireSCENE OPENS on Ava Aryana Amatista walking up to a front porch. She holds a bucket filled with cleaning supplies and looks nervous. She rings the doorbell. After a moment, Mr. Kane Stirling Cooper opens the door. They greet each other and introduce themselves. His unsmiling face looks severe. He looks Ava up and down before curtly inviting her in. Ava is there to interview for the position of Mr. Kanes housemaid. It is revealed that she is an illegal immigrant supporting her family in her home country. He tells her that he will not report her if they can come to an arrangement. For the first time, Mr. Kane smiles a sickeningly malicious grin. Ava looks in his eyes with a fearful understanding. CUT TO TITLEMr. Kane lays out his arrangement: she will be his live-in maid and will also service him sexually whenever he demands it. She is reluctant, but when he points out that this arrangement will ultimately help her family, she agrees. He then tells her that he wants to test her practical skills. He gives her a maid uniform and demands that she change in front of him. She changes in front of him as he leers

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