Sacrificial Lamb, Scene 01

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Ricky Spanish
Savannah Sixx
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SACRIFICIAL LAMB Tormented Sister Betrays Friend To Satisfy Twisted Brothers Dark UrgesTaylor Savannah Sixx is excited to have one last slumber party with her best friend, Megan Vanessa Sky. Theyre both soon going away for college and their friendship is sure to change since they wont be able to see each other as often. Thats why its so important to make this a night to remember. But Megan hasnt been herself awhile now -- not since Luke Ricky Spanish, Megans older brother, moved back home. Once theyre lounging alone in bed later, Taylor tries to get Megan to open up about whats bothering her but cant seem to get through. Taylors heartbroken when Megan shuts her out and turns off the light. Its apparently time for bed but Taylors mind is racing... Somehow, Taylor finally manages to drift off, although shes later stirred by the feeling of heat against her back. She thinks its Megan wanting to finally talk but when she rolls over, she comes face-to-face with Luke! Luke reveals that hes there because Megan threw Taylor under the bus to save her own skin. You see, Luke has certain... Urges... And since Megans his sister, he cant really act on them. Or at least, t

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