Class Of The Titans, Scene 01

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Eliza Ibarra
Kendra Spade
Vanna Bardot
Lesbians Pornstars

Three high school students, Eliza Ibarra, Kendra Spade, and Vanna Bardot, are stuck in detention together after being thrown out of a class president debate for bickering too much. Kendra, being all about academia, is convinced shed make the best class president. However, Eliza, a cheerleader, and Vanna, a theatre kid, are all about becoming class president, too. As the three argue back and forth, its clear that they just cant get along. However, they soon realize that the teacher is nowhere to be found. When they check the classroom door, it doesnt budge! It seems as though their teacher forgot about them AND the janitor locked them in! Whats even worse is that the janitor also turned off the heat! Its going to be a loooooong night. As the hours tick by, the girls start to get restless and chilly. In order to conserve heat, they reluctantly snuggle up together on the teachers desk, although they still cant get along. It doesnt seem to be working, though, and Kendra suggests that theyd probably be warmer if they stripped down to have body-to-body contact... After some reluctance, they all strip down to their underwear. Even if they cant stand each other, they cant help

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