Crushing The Competition, Scene 01

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Aidra Fox
Jade Baker
Lesbians Pornstars

Aidra Fox and Jade Baker cant STAND each other. Even though they grew up together since their families are friends, the girls just never got along. Theyve always been competitive, unable to be alone in a room together without finding something to bicker about. Today is no exception, as they are made to share the same bedroom when their two families come together for a weekend away. Tension is at an all-time high when Aidra and Jade find out that they are both interested in asking the same girl out to prom. Jade is convinced that Aidra only wants to ask the girl out because she knows JADE wanted to ask her out! Aidra claims thats not the case and that Jade is just making everything about HER -- like usual! Besides, who would want to ask Jade out when they could play with amazing tits like her own! Jade, meanwhile, is convinced no one could pass up a peach as juicy as HERS... Since theyre both on fire and eager to prove whos the better lay, they soon come crashing together to settle things once and for all. They readily dive into each others pussies, each trying to make the other come undone as spectacularly as possible to prove who the better lover is. Who will have the honor

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