Teen Sleuth , Scene 01

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Jillian Janson
Scarlett Mae
Lesbians Pornstars

Scarlett Mae is at school, hurrying through the empty hallway, worried about being late for class. Suddenly, Scarlett stops when she sees a piece of paper on the floor. She picks it up and is shocked that its a photocopy of someones pussy. She tries to laugh it off, saying SOMEONES going to be embarrassed that they dropped that. Scarlett continues to her locker but slows down when she sees another photocopy of the same pussy taped pointedly on a wall. Hey, THIS was no accident. Someone TAPED this here, Scarlett says, her eyes narrowing suspiciously. Scarlett looks around but sees no one and warily continues on. Scarlett gets to her locker - on the lockers more of the photos have been taped up. She scrambles to take them down, then opens her locker to shove them in, but instead finds yet another photocopy on top of her things. Shes very suspicious now as she takes the paper and looks around again but doesnt see anyone immediately nearby. She wonders aloud how someone could know the combo to her locker... Scarlett is stopped by a hall monitor, Jillian Janson, and shows Jillian the pictures. Jillian is surprised but agrees to help Scarlett with her investigation when Scarlett m

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