Turning His Luck Around, Scene 01

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Alex Legend
Daisy Stone
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Daisy Stone is standing in the entranceway of her wellness and beauty spa when her cell phone goes off. She answers it and is greeted by one of her friends. He says that he knows that Daisy has done some pro bono work at her spa in the past to help struggling families and single mothers get back on their feet. This time, theres a single man that could really use her helping hands. He used to be a big help with their organization until he fell on rough times himself. Itd be nice if they could do a little something special for him. Daisy agrees without hesitation, telling her friend to send the man over and shell do what she can to help get him back on his feet. A short time later, Alex Legend arrives in the waiting room and Daisy greets him. She is shocked by his haggard state, but is nothing but warm and polite as she invites him in, introducing herself. Alex introduces himself in turn and says hes sorry for his appearance, but Daisy tells him not to worry about that. Shell make sure to get him cleaned up. She asks if hed like a complimentary massage too. If anyone needs a little pick-me-up, its him. Alex smiles, accepting the offer and Daisy tells him that its now time to

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