Thrill Of The Chase, Scene 01

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Charles Dera
Demi Sutra
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Demi Sutra, a masseuse, is at the reception desk going over her client list for the day. As she works on the computer, she frowns and squints at the screen. My first client of the day is... Charles Dera! THAT cant be right... A man then clears his throat and says, Excuse me, I have an appointment with a... Miss Demi! Her eyes widen as she recognizes the man as her step-father, Charles Dera. She gives a fake smile and rises to her feet to greet him. Oh! Welcome, Mr. Dera. Yes, that would be me. Come right this way, please... As soon as they are alone, Demi turns on him, exclaiming, What are you DOING here, DAD!! Shes worried that someone mightve recognized him. Charles says hes just here for a massage, though this only makes Demi more anxious -- he DOES know what kind of massage she gives, right!! Charles steps in close and cups Demis cheek, telling her that the sexual tension between them isnt going to just disappear. They can only steal glances and flirt at home so long before Demis mother, his wife, catches them. So, he figured hed book a massage so that they could finally get it on and out of their system. Although Demis nervous, she leans into his hand, una

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