Remember Me!! , Scene 01

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Bridgette B
Donnie Rock
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The scene opens with Donnie Rock in a massage parlor. He looks around the massage parlor, his eyes falling on an inflatable mattress, which is new for him so hes curious. When the sexy masseuse, Bridgette B, enters the room, she seems to recognize him as she tries to hide her surprise, even anger. Her initial reaction makes Donnie anxious as he greets her and asks if something is wrong. Bridgette quickly recovers, giving a fake smile as she approaches. She assures him that nothing is wrong. If hes there for a massage, he can follow her now to get started with a shower. Its clear from Bridgettes on edge mannerisms that Donnie is someone who has wronged her in the past, even if he doesnt seem aware of it. Throughout their shower, shes rougher with him as a means of punishment, though this backfires since Donnie seems to only be turned on instead. This is NOT turning out the way Bridgette wants at all! Finally, through a series of questions, she leads Donnie to realizing who she is: a girl he used to bully back in high school. The moment Donnie remembers her, hes instantly ashamed. It was so long ago! Even so, Bridgette doesnt let him get off easy since he broke her heart back

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