Power Play, Scene 01

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Eliza Ibarra
Lucas Frost
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POWER PLAY Cutthroat Woman Outsmarts Co-Worker When He Confronts Her About Office MisdeedsSCENE OPENS ON Madison Eliza Ibarra. She is in her kitchen, making a smoothie. She pours fruit juice over the ice cubes in the blender. Her moves are very graceful and purposeful. She is about to turn the blender on when her doorbell rings. She looks as if shes not expecting anyone. She wipes her hands on a nearby hand-towel and leaves to go answer the door. Madison answers the door and greets her colleague Jordan Lucas Frost. She invites him in and leads him to the kitchen. As Madison makes her smoothie, Jordan reveals why hes come to see Madison, accusing her of engineering the departure of various co-workers through shady means to further her career. He asks her what shes willing to offer him in exchange for his silence. Madison smiles thinly, not a hint of worry showing on her face. She turns on the blender. The ice is loudly crushed into oblivion. CUT TO TITLEMadison implies that she has dirt on Jordan too. Jordan thinks shes bluffing, but Madison gives Jordan concrete examples of his various misdeeds. Jordan laughs humorlessly, shaking his head. He looks at Madison with something

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