Mothers Prized Mare, Scene 01

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Christie Stevens
Natalie Knight
Stirling Cooper
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MOTHERS PRIZED MARE Overbearing Mother Arranges For Stranger To Impregnate Her DaughterSCENE OPENS to Mona Christie Stevens talking on the phone. She looks pleased with herself as she screens the man on the other end, asking questions for her breeding project. It seems like the man has exactly what she needs to impregnate her dear Millie, so she makes arrangements for them to meet that afternoon. Its all done in a formal manner as if its the most normal thing in the world. As soon as Mona hangs up, she smiles and calls for her step-daughter, Millie Natalie Knight. Mona finds Millie in her bedroom and begins to prepare her for the meeting. Everything has to be perfect for this arrangement... Millie HAS to expand the family in a way that Mona herself cant. Although Millie is hesitant to fulfill her duty, Mona continues coaxing her, manipulating her. Millie MUST give her a child. Doesnt Millie want to honor her late father by passing on his genes! When Rowan Stirling Cooper arrives at the house a short time later, Mona scrutinizes him in person. Shell only accept the best stud for her daughter, and, fortunately for them, he passes the initial test. However, when it comes t

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