No Peeking, Scene 01

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Joanna Angel
Lilly Lit
Stirling Cooper
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NO PEEKING Unhappy Wife Tricks Husband Into Cheating With Tiny Teen TemptressSCENE OPENS on Jackie Joanna Angel warmly greeting her husband Grant Stirling Cooper as he comes home from work. As she fixes his collar and pulls herself close, she apologizes for the argument they had that morning. She never shouldve gotten so worked up over the prenup... She doesnt care about the money, she cares about THEM. She wants them to be close again, so she has something special planned for them that night... Stirling is surprised by this turn of events. Its not just about the apology but Jackie getting frisky since its been awhile since theres been heat between them. When she undoes his tie to blindfold him, hes excited. When she tells him to lay back while she gets ready, he doesnt need to be told twice. Jackie leaves the room and sneaks to the front door, letting an excited Amber Lilly Lit inside. Shes tiny and energetic -- just what Jackie needs to make all of this work. She takes Ambers hand and leads her into the bedroom where her husband is patiently waiting, still blindfolded. Well, honey... Are you ready for your surprise!

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