Nice Girls Finish Last, Scene 01

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Charles Dera
Jane Wilde
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NICE GIRLS FINISH LAST Bully Corrupts Victims Father Into Fucking Her Bullying His Own DaughterSCENE OPENS on Dave Wilkins Charles Dera. He is washing dishes when his daughter Libby Laney Grey bursts through the front door, distraught and crying. She drops her knapsack and runs right to him, throwing herself into his arms. Almost on the verge of panic, Libby frantically tells Dave that a bully was terrorizing her at school today. Dave is supportive and sympathetic and asks her if its the same bully thats always on her case. Libby confirms it is, a girl named Katrina. Dave has one of his fists clenched in anger as he tells his daughter not to worry, hell take care of it. Later that day, Daves front doorbell rings. He takes a deep, steadying breath before he opens the door. Standing there is Katrina Jane Wilde, looking confident and mildly inconvenienced. They regard each other for a moment. Dave looks at her sternly. You must be Katrina, he says. She looks at him another moment before her lips curl into a mean smile. I am... Its so nice to FINALLY meet you, Mr. Wilkins. CUT TO TITLEDave warns Katrina to stop bullying Libby, but Katrina begins to manipulate Dave, dr

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