A Bet Between Friends, Scene 01

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Charlotte Stokely
Lily Adams
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Charlotte Stokely and Lily Adams are in Lilys bedroom. Charlotte asks Lily how the bet is going. Lily is sheepish. Looking away from her friend, she admits that she lost the bet. Lily! Yells Charlotte, hitting her with the pillow from the bed. Was Lily even going to tell her!! Of course she was, Lily responds, she was just embarrassed, she couldnt even go two weeks without going on a date with a guy. She just couldnt help herself. Well, was it worth it! Asks Charlotte, was the date even good! Is it ever good with boys, laughs Lily, of course it sucked, he barely paid attention to her the whole night, she finishes. And what about her, did she suck! Charlotte asks mischievously. Ewwww no, of course not, Lily says. Ok, well, it doesnt matter what you did on the date, Lily still lost the bet and she has to pay up. Cmon, Lily pleads, just give her one more chance! But Charlotte wont budge, a bets a bet, after all. Ok, Lily relents. They agreed that the loser of the bet would massage the winner, so its time for Charlottes massage. Charlotte faces away from Lily as Lily massages her. She remarks how good it feels to be a winner. Lily tells her to shut up playfully. The two friend

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