Ill Take Care Of You, Scene 01

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Eric Masterson
Maya Kendrick
Nathan Bronson
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ILL TAKE CARE OF YOU Pregnant Teen Desperately Turns To Sleazy Boyfriends Dad For HelpSCENE OPENS with Kylie Maya Kendrick pacing around the bathroom. She looks truly frazzled and distraught, a cell phone clutched tightly in her hand. As Kylie paces, she experiences jarring flashbacks to an event that is clearly traumatic for her. Between the flashes, Kylie looks more and more upset, holding her head and cursing to herself. She keeps looking at something in her hand. Her world is clearly falling apart. She finally brings the phone to her ear, making a phone call. Something happened. W-we need to talk, Kylie says, anguished. TITLE PLATEWe flash back to two weeks earlier as we see Kylie having sex with her boyfriend Austin Nathan Bronson. The sex is rough, with Austin more in control and Kylie a bit uncertain but going along with it. He is selfish, caring more about his own pleasure than Kylies. Kylie is trying to go along with his raunchy requests but has trouble keeping up. Eventually, despite her reluctance, Austin convinces Kylie to let him cum in her and he creampies her, talking about how good it feels. Kylie may have satisfied Austin, but she looks anxious. Back in th

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