Being Neighborly, Scene 01

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Natasha Nice
Rion King
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BEING NEIGHBORLY Mother Helps Her Son Seduce Wealthy Widow For Mysterious PurposeSCENE OPENS on Selina Dava Foxx and her son Ray Rion King. They stand outside a residential front door, about to ring the doorbell. Before they do, they chat with each other and briefly allude to the mysterious purpose of their visit. They ring the doorbell and are greeted by Bridget Natasha Nice, a downcast young woman. It is revealed that Ray and Selina are her next-door neighbors. After some subtle manipulation from Selina, Bridget invites them in. CUT TO TITLEThe trio chats over tea and it is revealed that Bridget has been widowed recently after her husband died. Ray begins to get flirty with Bridget. Much to Bridgets surprise, Selina seems to be encouraging the flirtation. Eventually, Selina makes an excuse and leaves Ray and Bridget alone, taking her purse with her. Alone now, there is increasing sexual tension between Ray and Bridget. Appealing to Bridgets need to feel something good in her time of mourning, Rays seduction is successful. They collide in an intense kiss as Bridget straddles Ray, sliding down between his legs and slipping his cock into her mouth. As she bounces her head o

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