Fight Or Flight , Scene 01

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Kristen Scott
Mike Mancini
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FIGHT OR FLIGHT Frightened Woman Picked Up By Stranger Has To Make A Tough ChoiceKara Kristen Scott is so done with her piece of junk car. As she stands beside it on the side of a deserted road, she knows shes a long way from the next gas station. With a busted car engine, theres not much else she can do but start walking and hope for the best. It seems her prayers are answered when another vehicle approaches, but the alarms go off in her head as she spots a man Mike Mancini in the drivers seat. Rocco is rough around the edges and gives her a bad feeling, but she has to rely on him for help. If she doesnt accept his ride, who knows when the next car will come by! Rocco claims to be driving her into town but Karas worried hes not going to keep his word. As time goes on, she fears that her life may be in danger as he makes some questionable remarks. Things only get worse when breaking news plays over the radio warning the general public about an escaped criminal that matches Roccos description. Kara knows she has to act fast if she wants to get out of the situation unharmed. She tells Rocco to pull over and once he does, she turns on the charm, seducing him. She just has t

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