My, How Youve Grown!, Scene 01

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Chanel Preston
Zac Wild
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Zac Wild walks into the massage parlor, sweating and a little out of breath. His step-mother Chanel Preston thanks him again for helping her move that old couch into the trash outside. He tells her that its no problem, remarking that it did make him work up a sweat though. He lifts up the bottom of his t-shirt to wipe away the sweat from his brow, revealing his bare midsection, complete with six-pack abs. When Chanel gets a look at his body, she lets out an involuntary gasp of approval. What! , Zac asks. Oh... Nothing, its just---, she begins, looking him up and down. Well, shes just realizing now how different he looks since he turned 18 last year, she says biting her lip a little. Its just that I hadnt realized how muscular youd gotten since you started working out, youve grown so... Big and strong, Chanel says. Well, its easy not to notice changes when you live with someone, but hes still the same guy underneath, Zac says. Oh... Yes... Definitely still her precious son, Chanel says, doing her best not to check him out, but ultimately failing. Well, hed better get home and shower, Zac says, clearing his throat as he moves to leave. An idea seems to come to her. Well,

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