Real Magic, Scene 01

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Carter Cruise
Whitney Wright
Lesbians Pornstars

Carter Cruise and Whitney Wright are looking for a book to read to complete their respective assignments for school. As they go through a selection of books together, they cant seem to find one that peeks their interest. When Carter finds a book on magic shes intrigued. Whitney scoffs at the idea saying that she needs a serious topic to write about. But when Carter finds some sex spells in the book she cant stop herself from reading them. When she finds a spell that will apparently turn her into a lesbian she recites the magic words out loud. Not a moment passes before she starts feeling flush and starts taking off her clothes. Whitney tries to stop her, reminding her that theyre in a school library and that she should get dressed immediately before she gets them both expelled... But Carter seems to be possessed. She rips her top off and starts kissing Whitney. As she removes Whitneys top and starts groping her, Whitney does everything in her power to stop her. All Carter wants is Whitney and she doesnt care about the consequences. Still not convinced, Whitney offers her an ultimatum, shell read these silly words out loud and if nothing happens Carter will put her clothes ba

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