The Ultimate Warm Up, Scene 01

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Jenna Foxx
Romi Rain
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Romi Rain is a competitive swimmer in dire need of relief before the next competition. According to her coach, she needs to be loosened up, whatever THAT means... But shes willing to do ANYTHING since swimming is her LIFE and she cant afford to lose the competition! Although shes nervous about getting a massage, her masseuse, Jenna Foxx, assures her that shell be right as rain under her professional care. In fact, shes going to use a bolster so that Romi gets a unique and satisfying massage. With Romi intrigued, Jenna convinces her to strip down, although Romis only willing to strip down to her swimsuit for now. Once Romis propped up on the bolster, Jenna has perfect access to Romis perfect ass. As Romi gets into the massage, which feels so good, she DOES notice the attention being paid to her butt. When Jenna insists that its important to make sure ALL of her is relaxed, Romi doesnt question it too much... Until SHE starts to become aroused by those erotic touches. Jenna seizes the opportunity, convincing Romi that if she really wants to be in tip-top shape for the competition, she needs a happy ending. Only then will she be loosened up enough... Caught up in the mom

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