Have You Seen My Clothes!!, Scene 01

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Jenna Foxx
Liv Wild
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Liv Wild is enjoying a pleasant massage at the skillful hands of her masseuse, Jenna Foxx, although its winding down. Once Jennas done, she leaves the private room to let Liv enjoy the last few moments of peace before getting dressed and going back to real life. Yet, when Liv reaches out for her clothes, she comes up empty-handed! Liv is in a panic, her clothes nowhere to be seen. She has little choice but to venture out of the private room for help, which means trying to hide her nude body with each step. Shes horrified as the receptionist catches her sneaking around, though shes soon saved when Jenna comes across them and leads Liv back to the private room. Once they are behind closed doors again, Liv is only more confused about where her clothes couldve gone. Jenna lets nothing slip about what couldve happened and instead offers another massage for free for the inconvenience. Although Liv is still shaken by the experience, she cant turn up a freebie, so she settles along with the table once more. As Jenna slides her hands all over Livs body, playing sensually with her breasts and rubbing her pussy, she suggests a happy ending for all Livs troubles. Liv is not in the pla

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