Insomniac Part 4 Aiden Ashley

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Aiden Ashley
Small Hands
Alt Emo Pornstars Punk Tattoo

After the events of the last few nights, Penny Aiden Ashley cant take anymore, and goes to the club to confront Joanna Angel. Bartender Aaron Small Hands watches the whole thing as Penny storms in, slapping Joanna in the face angrily. Does she think she knows whats BEST for Penny!! Shes NOT one of Joannas whores that she can just push around! Joanna tells her to calm down. Pennys furious and theres no calming her down, screaming in Joannas face that she doesnt want her in her life anymore, so leave her alone! All Joanna can do is laugh in Pennys face. Aaron comes over, asking Penny if shes ok and suggests that they get out of there. Penny follows him out of the club. Back at Pennys place, Aaron is soothing her and making an effort to calm her down, but shes still keyed up, pacing manically. Frustrated, she tells him that she feels like everyone is trying to get something from her and she doesnt even know what they want. Aaron thinks that maybe she just needs some rest. Anguished, she tells him that she CANT get any rest, she just blacks out---she doesnt even know who she IS anymore! Aaron tries to talk her down, embracing her as he tells her that hes there for h

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