Marital Problems, Scene 01

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Britney Amber
Jade Nile
Lesbians Massage Pornstars

Britney Amber walks into the massage parlor looking frustrated. She just got into a fight with her stupid husband and really needs to unwind. Britney exhales loudly showing shes visibly stressed. Jade Nile, the masseuse, states that she can service her immediately if she likes. She asks her to follow her to the massage area so they can begin. Jade asks Britney to take off her clothes but before Jade can turn around, Britney is getting naked as she vents. Jade is taken aback at how forward Britney is and how comfortable she is stripping in front of her. She explains how her husband is a complete asshole and that shes always been curious what it would be like to be with a woman. She asks Jade if shes ever been with a woman. Jade giggles and admits that she has had some... Experiences. Britney retorts that shes always curious about girls but never took the plunge. She kissed a girl in college but thats the extent of her experience. When Britney asks Jade to tell her about her lesbian experiences, she tries to ignore the question. Britney asks Jade if shes making her uncomfortable. Jade smiles, saying she just wants to keep things professional. Jade oils up her hands and starts m

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