Call Waiting, Scene 01

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Jane Wilde
Jessy Jones
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CALL WAITING BABYSITTER TEEN LIES TO BOYFRIEND OVER PHONE WHILE CHEATING ON HIM WITH CLIENTS SON SCENE OPENS on a teen girl Bianca Jane Wilde in a kitchen with her cell phone to her ear. Shes chatting with her boyfriend Ethan. She is giggling wildly and gasping at the outrageous things hes saying on the other end of the line, which seem like provocative sexual advances. Bianca clearly loves the chase and is playing hard to get, telling him playfully to stop, hes so bad, she isnt even at her own house! He says he doesnt care but she remarks that hes just saying that now because hes horny. Am I horny too! she repeats his question, and teasingly answers maaaaaybe a little, with an innocent grin as she moves into the living room and slips off her skirt, revealing her tiny thong and tight ass. She assures Ethan its fine, the family shes babysitting for arent due back for hours, she can be as loud as she wants. Oh yeah! I bet you are! she responds to an unheard statement. She lies down on a living room chair and starts lightly tugging at the crotch of her panties, loosening them around her body. Her fingers push aside the loose fabric to reveal a glimpse of her pussy.

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