Half His Age Part 3

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Charles Dera
Jill Kassidy
Kristen Scott
Small Hands
Xander Corvus
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The teacher and the two teenage girls remain holed up in the cabin. Now embroiled in a strange mnage-a-trois, neither of the girls wants to leave and Mr. Davies Charles Dera doesnt know what to do. He just keeps having sex with both to keep things calm. The following morning, his concerned wife Cherie DeVille decides to visit the cabin to look for her missing husband and is stunned to walk in on him with the girls. Putting two and two together, she goes into the other room to call the police. As shes making the call, Lola Jill Kassidy grabs Mr. Davies shotgun from the mantle. After a loud bang, Lola comes back in to announce that shes solved the problem. Shes taken care of Mrs. Davies. Now Mr. Davies is not only guilty of having an affair with his student, he is also an accessory to kidnapping and is indirectly responsible for his wifes murder. He throws Lola into a room and locks the door, and tells Heather Kristen Scott to stand guard while he goes off to think about what to do next. While he is out, Heathers stepbrother Small Hands calls and she tells him where they are. She informs Lola and pledges that he will be able to fix the problem way better than Mr. Dav

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