The Flasher

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Susie Masterson
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Cute, young blonde Susie Masterson took her sweet stuff to a dock to flash her 38G big uns while keeping an eye out for passing boaters. We didnt need any powerboats winding up in the backyard after the boater was blinded by her breast-flashes. Safety first is our motto at XLGirls. XLGirls: What are your fantasies! Susie: I enjoy a very dominant man. I love it rough. XLGirls: Are you passive or assertive! Susie: I can be both. More submissive than dominant. XLGirls: What do you like a guy to do to you in bed! Susie: I get a huge turn-on from my boobs being played with. I have very sensitive nipples. I enjoy everything. Being touched, grabbed, sucked-on, and titty-fucking. Lots of oral. Kissing. Light biting. I enjoy someone who can use their tongue very well all over me, orally and anally.

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